Publication Information

The Conference papers will be published online in early 2018 as a special issue of AIP Advances. You can view all previously published MMM articles at All accepted papers are identified by presentation ID and will be open access at no additional cost to the author. Detailed instructions on the preparation of manuscripts for submission to AIP Advances will be available for authors whose papers are accepted for presentation at the Conference.

  • Paper length restrictions are as follows: Invited papers = 6,000 words and Contributed papers = 3,500 words. For more information on paper restrictions, please view Paper Presentation Guidelines.
  • The site will be made available for submissions starting September 5, 2017. All manuscripts must be received by September 23, 2017. This deadline will be strictly observed.
  • Post-deadline manuscripts will not be accepted and not forwarded for review.
  • Papers must be presented at the Conference by an author registered at the Conference AND knowledgeable about the work in order to be published in the Proceedings.
  • All manuscripts assigned to AIP Advances must be submitted to the AIP Publishing online submission system, PeerX-Press (PXP). All papers to appear in the special issue MUST be submitted in this way. No paper manuscripts will be accepted.
  • Instructions for submission and accepted formats will be available on each the submission site. Presenters of invited talks will receive separate submission instructions.
  • Reviewing and revisions will all be handled through the online system. Authors are reminded that review standards will mirror those used for regular articles submitted to AIP Advances, and that because of time constraints, a second review may not be possible for resubmitted papers that were originally rejected.

About AIP Advances

AIP Advances is a peer-reviewed, fully open access, multidisciplinary journal covering all areas of the physical sciences (experimental, theoretical, and applied). AIP Advances' inclusive scope and publication standards make it an excellent outlet for scientists across the physical sciences. To learn more about the journal, visit

Please click here to view: Paper Presentation Guidelines, Sample Manuscripts and AIP Advances News Release.