Evening Session: Spintronics - Present & Future

Wednesday, November 8
6:00 – 7:30 pm
Chair: Liesl Folks, University at Buffalo

From Stern-Gerlach Experiment to Spin-orbit Torque, the Unending Saga of Spin
Chia-Ling Chien, Johns Hopkins University

When SOC and Topology in Low Dimensions Lead to Novel Directions in Spintronics
Albert Fert, CNRS

Spin on Integrated Circuits
Hideo Ohno, RIEC Tohoku University

These talks will not only review major discoveries since the birth of the “spin” concept approximately 90 years ago, but will also summarize the latest scientific and technological developments and provide a comprehensive perspective on new research directions and future applications of spintronics.

Tutorial: Terahertz Magnetism

Monday, November 6, 2017
2:30 – 5:00 pm
Chair: Suzanne G.E. te Velthuis, Argonne National Laboratory

Fundamental Theory of THz Magnetism
Di Xiao, Carnegie Mellon University

Probing and Controlling Spin Dynamics by Terahertz Waves
Tobias Kampfrath, Max Planck Society

Advancing Terahertz Technology Using Spin Dynamics
Hyunsoo Yang, National University of Singapore


Tuesday Morning: Terahertz Magnonics

  • Theoretical issues of THz and GHz magnons in magnetic insulators, by Gerrit Bauer
  • Femtosecond generation of spin waves and spin structures, by Markus Münzenberg
  • Nonlinear terahertz magnonics, 2D magnon resonance spectroscopy, and terahertz magnon-polaritonics, by Keith Nelson
  • Low energy electrodynamics of correlated spin systems, by Peter N. Armitage
  • Moving Atoms on Ultrafast Timescales to Control Magnetism, by Urs Staub

Tuesday Afternoon: Magnetism and Magnetic Proximity Effects in 2D Materials

  • Magnetism in Atomically Thin 2D van der Waals Crystals, by Steven Louie
  • Layer-dependent Ferromagnetism in a van der Waals Crystal Down to the Monolayer Limit, by Xiaodong Xu
  • Ferromagnetic ground state of Dirac electrons and other new quasiparticles in low dimensional Heterostructures, by Peng Wei
  • Enhanced Valley Splitting in TMDC/EuS Heterostructures, by Hao Zeng
  • Strong Modulation of Spin Currents in Bilayer Graphene by Static and Fluctuating Proximity Exchange Fields, by Simranjeet Singh

Wednesday Morning: What Spintronics Can Bring to Microelectronics

  • MRAM: Emerging Applications and System Differentiations, by Seung Kang
  • NV-Working Memory and its Logic Applications with Spintronics and Vertical BC-MOSFET Technology, by Tetsuo Endoh
  • Benefits And Challenges Of A Non-Volatile Digital Platform, by Virgile Javerliac
  • What Spinelectronics can bring to RF Communication, by Ursula Ebels
  • Demanding Applications For Magnetoresistive Sensors, by Ronald Lehndorff

Wednesday Afternoon: Cavity Opto-Magnonics

  • Opto-magnonics with Yttrium Iron Garnet, by Koji Usami
  • YIG Cavity Optomagnonics, by Hong Tang
  • Optomagnonics in magnetic solids, by Michael Flatte
  • From optomechanics to optomagnonics, by Florian Marquardt
  • Light scattering in cavity optomagnonics , by Yaroslav Blanter

Thursday Morning: Mutual Synchronization of Spintronic Oscillators

  • Theory of mutual synchronization of spin-torque and spin-Hall auto-oscillators, by Andrei Slavin
  • Long-range mutual synchronization of spin Hall nano-oscillators, by Ahmad Awad
  • Mutual synchronization of spin torque nano-oscillators through a long-range and tunable electrical coupling scheme, by Vincent Cros
  • Spin-wave excitations and scalable synchronization of spin-Hall oscillators, by Giovanni Finocchio
  • Mutual Synchronization of nano-oscillators driven by pure spin current, by Sergei Urazhdin

Thursday Afternoon: Spintronics-Based Neuromorphic Computing

  • Neuromorphic Computing with Stochastic Spintronic Devices, by Damien Querlioz
  • Unstable Nanomagnets as p-bits for Stochastic Neuromorphic Circuits, by Kerem Camsari
  • Estimating Degree of Match with Arrays of Spin Torque Oscillators, by Matthew Pufall
  • An analog spin-orbit torque device for edge artificial intelligence by Shunsuke Fukami
  • Potential Implementation of Reservoir Computing Models Based on Magnetic Skyrmions, by George Bourianoff

Friday Morning: Spin-Orbit Torques with Unconventional Symmetries

  • Spin-orbit effects with spin rotation symmetry, by Xin Fan
  • A new spin-orbit torque from interface-generated spin currents, by Vivek Amin
  • Control of spin-orbit torques through crystal symmetry, by Gregory Stiehl
  • Tuning The Torques In Magnetic Heuslers, by Chiara Ciccarelli
  • Room temperature spin-orbit torque induced ferrimagnet dynamics with topological insulator, by Luqiao Liu

Friday Afternoon: Generation and Transport of Skyrmions

  • Skyrmion dynamics, nucleation, and stability in ultrathin metallic Heterostructures, by Geoffrey Beach
  • Robust metastable skyrmions in high-temperature chiral magnets, by Kosuke Karube
  • Robust Zero-Field Skyrmion Formation in FeGe Epitaxial Thin Films, by Fengyuan Yang
  • Skyrmions and Hall Transport, by Bom Soo Kim
  • Electric-Field-Driven Switching of Individual Magnetic Skyrmions, by Roland Wiesendanger

Evening Session: Secrets for Highly Effective Communications

Tuesday, November 7, 2017
6:00 – 7:30 pm
Chair: Atsufumi Hirohata, University of York

No skill contributes more consistently, and more meaningfully, to professional achievement than the ability to shape thinking and secure support through communication. The simple truth is, those who communicate clearly, crisply and convincingly outperform and out progress those who don’t. In this fast-paced, no-nonsense session, the experts from Ninja Communications, Dan Agan and Joe Schreiber, reveal the secrets professionals use to amp up and ramp up communications success. Click here to view a brief video about this session.

Presenter Biographies
Daniel C. Agan, Co-founder & Principal, Ninja Communications

Dan Agan unleashes organizational and individual success as a branding, communications and business strategist, counselor and consultant. As senior vice president of Programming and Marketing for the PBS television network, he helped vision and lead the transformation of educational television into a billion dollar information and entertainment juggernaut viewed by over 90% of US households. During his four-year tenure as senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing for publicly-traded software company Excalibur Technologies, he masterminded a ten-fold increase in revenue, and a 14-fold increase in stock price, and played a central role in Excalibur’s reverse merger with a division of Intel Corporation to create the new company, Convera Corporation, for which he served as Chief Marketing Officer. He has been both a reporter and a corporate spokesperson, and has authored and delivered untold numbers of strategic messages, speeches, presentations and pitches. Through workshops, consulting assignments and media coaching engagements, he has helped thousands of professionals craft and convey communications that motivate people to sit up, listen up, and act. A frequent conference speaker, Agan has also lectured on branding, entrepreneurship and strategic communications at leading universities, among them the Harvard University Graduate School of Business, the M.I.T. Enterprise Forum, the George Washington University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Joseph B. Schreiber, Co-founder & Principal, Ninja Communications

Joe Schreiber is a communications strategist and 30-year veteran network TV producer blazing a trail for storytelling in the digital age. He helped launch and produce NBC’s George Michael Sports Machine, which aired for 23-years and pioneered the human-interest storytelling that spawned the cable sports networks of today. Along the way, Schreiber landed 11 Emmy® awards. His commitment to staying ahead of new media trends, utilizing state of the art technology, and affecting audiences through artful storytelling are the bedrocks of his interests today. He is co-founder of 3 Penny Films, which has produced over 60 programs for national and regional cable networks, and serves as managing partner of IPAK, Inc., for which he has produced numerous award-winning commercial campaigns, documentaries, and content marketing videos. Since leaving NBC, he has earned five Telly® awards and two Emmys®. As Ninja’s co-founder, Schreiber draws upon the thousands of film and television interviews he conducted all over the world and his unique experiences and perspectives as a storyteller to share the proven communications techniques and strategies that move audiences. He is a 1982 graduate of Boston College and a 2008 inductee of the Greater Washington Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

Meet the Experts Panel Session

Thursday, November 9
6:00 – 7:30 pm

An exclusive event for students.
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