Publication Information

Submission links for each journal may be found by clicking on the AIP or IEEE tabs under Publications.  Please ensure you are submitting to the correct journal!  Journal assignments for accepted abstracts were included in the notification emails sent to presenting authors.  To view this email again, presenters should log in to ScholarOne and go to Messages and then click on Invitations.

We encourage authors of papers presented at the Conference to consider publishing in the Conference-related issues of the IEEE Transactions on Magnetics and AIP Advances. The editorial process for the manuscripts will meet the same high standards required for regular submissions to the two journals. Papers will be assigned to a journal based on their subject area. We are not able to accommodate individual author preferences for publication venue.

The Conference papers will be published in late 2022 as special issues of AIP Advances and IEEE Transactions on Magnetics (TMAG). Entire sessions will be assigned to one of these journals by the Publication Co-Chairs. Invited papers will be published in the Journal to which their session is assigned by the Publication Co-Chairs. All accepted papers are identified by presentation ID. All AIP Advances papers will be open access at no additional cost to the authors.

Detailed instructions on the preparation of manuscripts for submission to either journal are available on the Conference website for authors whose abstracts are accepted for presentation at the Conference. The sites will be available for submission beginning October 11, 2021.

All manuscripts must be received by November 1, 2021. This deadline will be strictly observed. Post-deadline manuscripts will not be accepted and not forwarded for review. Papers must be presented at the Conference by an author who is registered AND knowledgeable about the work in order to be published.

Instructions for submission and accepted formats will be available on each submission site.