Visa Application

Obtaining your visa to enter the U.S. for the 2020 MMM Conference may take up to three to six months for processing of your application and receipt of your visa. We encourage our foreign participants to apply for their visas as early as possible – at least four months before the Conference. Applicants should first consult the U.S. Department of State's visa appointment and processing wait times website.  Review your visa status now to determine if you need a U.S. visa or visa renewal and to find out how to schedule an interview appointment. Take your English-language CV to your consulate visa interview.

The 2020 MMM Conference has been registered with The National Academies of Science in Washington, DC. The NAS has an International Visitors Office (IVO)  that can help with U.S. visa applications. If you experience significant visa delays, please fill out the IVO Visa Questionnaire. This will allow the NAS to bring your case to the attention of the U.S. Department of State. The Conference management cannot intervene on your behalf.

Visa Waiver Travel Program

All nationals and citizens of Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries who plan to travel to the U.S. for temporary business or pleasure for 90 days or less are required by law to obtain travel authorization prior to travel to the United States. This authorization can be obtained online through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

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